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We are always ordering different rock and gem products from around the world. Every time you visit, we hope to have something new and exciting for you to see.


We carry rough to slabs to cabs or shaped and carved. Faceted, beaded, Crystals, fossils, opals, tourmaline, gems, geodes and cathedrals. From custom to common, or rare (Mammoth teeth, or micro druzy sparkling petrified wood) We buy from around the world, so you don’t have to. We pick up equipment in USA to save you on Shipping charges to Canada, and border duties.



When we find a better price, we lower all existing stock to keep more money in your pockets.



We ship fast, and exactly what you order. We stand behind all our products and offer a money back guarantee for returned items returned, in the original condition they were received in. We ship all products with tracking numbers. We write invoices for all equipment so they are fully warrantied.

Gem & Mineral Specialist

Mark Gem, Mineral, and Rock Specialist in Mission

When my oldest daughter, Sarah, had first learned to walk and wherever we went, she had to stop and get a rock for each fist. Being a lover of nature and science, I decided to get a rock polisher and away we went on rock hunts. We collected a large collection over the years. The one piece I could never afford for her collection and always wanted was an Amethyst Cathedral.

A few Christmases ago, I was buying a few items for her online. One piece was a piece of polished amber containing 2 bugs. It looked spectacular in the picture. It cost $45.00 usd and $35.00 shipping. When I received it, it was the size of a pea.

One gentleman had offered me to pick up my purchase, as he lived near our town, and save the shipping charge. When I picked up the product, he was selling online. Wheels started turning. I thought to myself, it would be nice to make these products that my daughter and I cherished over the years, more affordable.

When we started this business, we were at our first rock and gem show. I noticed some young entrepreneurs with their wire wrapped cabochons and jewelry. Not a lot of customers visiting their booths. After paying a price for their cabs, then wire and time to make, many items were a little expensive.

This enforced our company policy of keeping everything as affordable as possible for the retailer. We also have many stores, wire wrappers, silver smiths etc. who also take advantage of our bulk buy discounts.

As we find better prices, we lower prices on existing stock and pass the saving on to our valued customers. We believe in honesty, integrity and love to see smiles on faces of all ages.

We are family owned and operated.

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