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If it states that in the picture, then yes. Often the pictures will be individually priced, and the exact piece is what you will receive.

Some items will be a generic picture stating, For instance, rough moonstone and a kilogram price. As in nature, each piece/rock is bound to differ as they are all created uniquely.

Yes. You can contact us via email, or by phone with any questions, or concerns.

Your sales receipt will be shown after you order. The website will give you an option to print the receipt for your records and/or you can store it in a file electronically.

Write us an email stating why you are returning the product. Return the product to the company address on the site and include the tracking number, and shipping company used in the email. Return all contents of the order in the original box, when possible, and when we receive the same product, and weights we will provide a refund. If the product is damaged, please contact us by phone. It is wise to take pictures of the box/package before opening. Take pictures of broken product/products and all wrapping materials. If possible, a point of impact on the product if possible.  Keep all broken product, packaging and box. We will further instruct you and the company who shipped may want to inspect the product. You are insured through eshipper, Canada Worlwide Inc.

In most cases, yes. In some cases, mines close, or large overseas sellers run out. Sometimes prices skyrocket due to war, politics or availability. If prices are too high, we may decide to delete it from our inventory and site. We will re-add the product in the future if we find a new source that is reasonably priced.

You choose the way your parcel is shipped on the website. We ship anywhere in the world that shipping is possible. Couriers will not ship to post office boxes. If this happens, please contact us. If you have a business you can ship your product to, it is $2 cheaper to ship, and couriers ship to addresses only, not po boxes. We can ship by mail in other cases, up to 30 kg in North America, 20 kg International. If larger than this, perhaps we can send in more than one parcel. All shipments are sent with tracking numbers.

You can track you parcel with the tracking number supplied to you when you choose a shipping method and pay at checkout. If it is a few days overdue, please phone us and we will assist you in getting your treasures to your door.

Yes. We are continuously adding to our inventory. We buy from around the world and get new items as often as possible. We will update our site with new items often.